Every Saturday from 9am to 11am at The Outlets, 101 W Avenida Vista Hermosa San Clemente.

Our Story

South OC Cars and Coffee was founded by a group of car loving friends, who were looking for a place to hang out and talk about cars after the iconic Cars and Coffee in Irvine was shut down. The original location was Target in San Clemente, however with over 100 cars attending weekly, Target became nervous, so they were forced to moved.

Around the same time, Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo started, and it was apparent that it was a more suitable location, so South OC Cars and Coffee hosted cruises from San Clemente to the new location to help bolster numbers.

Soon after, Wehr decided to host 50 mile Saturday evening cruises (like they do in his homeland of Australia) ... and what better location to start than the brand new Outlets at San Clemente. The Outlets were very supportive and the cruises were a huge success and included coastal drives to Long Beach and Del Mar and Mountain Drives to Old Town Temecula.

The Outlets at San Clemente continued to support the event, so when rumors started about Aliso Viejo being closed down, Wehr approached the center management to see if a South OC Cars and Coffee could be restarted at the new location.

The rest is history; Simon now runs South OC Cars and Coffee weekly with his son James and the help of exceptional photographers like Jay Philippbar and Robert Landry. 

Between 500 and 600 Cars attend each week, including hypercars, supercars, exotics, vintage, classic, muscle and sports cars, hot rods, rat rods, pickups, 4x4's and motor cycles.  There is no registration required and spectators are welcome!


The original group of South OC Cars and Coffee friends, from left to right: Tony Tonokaboni, Darren Kolotyluk, William Monroe, Sean Trimborn, Simon Trumper, Pete Lopresti, Simon Wehr. (Scott Mahl - Absent).